About Le vogue voyage
  -  About Le vogue voyage

Hey there, my name is Andrea.  I am born and raised in Lima Peru, 95% Peruvian 5% Chinese haha.  I am industrial engineer and photographer and after 4 years working in the supply chain for various companies in my country national and international decided to leave and start a new adventure –> Change my career path, learn a new language and live in another city in another continent.

Now I live in Paris – France since 2016 and I work for a fashion company in digital marketing. Radical eh? Hectic but always fun.  I decided to create this blog longtime ago before starting my new life here and little by little it helped me to discover my new path.

If there is something constant in my way of thinking is that I never take life for granted and anything can change out of the blue ( I know is a bit contradictory haha).  I never knew I was going to ended up living the beginning of my 30s in Paris and when I thought of the name for the blog I realized that my life is a constant journey, not just because I like traveling but because is a journey were I discover myself (personal/spiritual journey) and yeah I am a photographer so I like to keep my own aesthetics and I thought of the famous French touch, paradoxical reference, the climax of all the definitions of stylish in the world et voilà! Le vogue voyage! and after 2013 I ended up living here in the capital of fashion of the world (never planned, but that’s OK )

No offense, but think I am not the stereotype blogger, with the instagramy looks (nowadays I feel they all look the same). I am just telling you my story, my passion for leather goods, luxury as a very creative industry, French culture, photography, etc. If you like it, if it inspired you and if you have questions. Please follow me in my Vogue voyage…